CS7 Pipe and Shape Working Metal Software

CALDsoft is a developed software
for industrial steel construction works management,
which is able to execute
an automatic unfolding parts calculation of
sample and complex shapes,
as well the materials consumption,
and also assess,
the unfolding parts distribution on the sheet plate.

CALDsoft Demo (50,0 Mb)

Suitable for tubular transitions construction
used in steel construction,
duct systems, pipeline, siderurgy, chemical, manifold
maintenance and power plants.

It allows in few seconds the calculation of
intersections, transitions, bifurcations, trifurcations,
trunks, cones, cylinders,
normal and conical transportation threads,
centrifugal rotor fans,
normal and reduction elbows shapes.
The software generates ready draft parts
for direct plate sheet tracing with accurate measures
or exporting the shapes parts to any cad systems.

Software updates (parts/functions) are completely
automatic between net interface in case the user as
a valid subscription (optional annual update fee).

Transitions unfolding task procedures
requires knowledge, available time and concentration
however nowadays those factors
are even more and more difficult to reach.

Real Working Samples

Imagine for example that you need produce
one conical bifurcation transition,
angle shaped one with unequal output blow ends.

If your unfold project is developed
in your draw desk or cad
it will certainly consume a couple of hours.

Otherwise if it is traced directly
over the plate
it will certainly take 3 or 4 times more,
if there aren't any mistakes
geometrical errors or bad plate centering
due to a visual deficiency in the
final drawing pieces
which obliges to make patches or correction operations.

The system is very simple to use,
because can be operated
by personnel without any drawing or tracing knowledge.
All the calculations are automaticly made
according the final part dimensions,
and it can easily be used by
budget persons or even by manufacturing workers.

Minimum software requirements
Processor CPU 800 MHz
Memory 64 MB Ram and 300 MB hard disk
Operating system Windows XP and VISTA
CD ROM media distribution
Haspe dongle key protection for USB gate.

Version CS7 base program includes also
the following advanced modules, super transition,
costs and budgets, flex, revolve and nesting.

Comparatively to other softwares
aparently similar in
CALDsoft we find several unique characteristics
such as,
design execution for manual cutting
additional cad platforms aren't needed
makes interface with any type of cad system
it doesn't need an expertise user
the accessible software single cost, etc..

We hope to have contributed
to the presentation and the spreading of this
excellent product
which will surely bring you significative earnings
of productivity and quality.

We have a regular service
of information and notice available
about the product spreading.
We are at your service on internet basis
to clear all your doubts
and give you all other needed information or
omitted in this presentation.

In case you want any other elements
and additional information about this great software
please consult the software house web place
Software Overview
some special notes regarding this
Function Super Transition
Function Flex
Function Revolve
Function Nesting
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